I am getting ready to release things that will move My Church into her destiny. This is an individual movement as well as a corporate movement. I have and am moving My children into their various Kingdom assignments. There will be no delay in this. My Kingdom will and is advancing. Your promotions and equipping are at hand. I will give them to those whose hearts I see as combat ready. My children, it is important that you give Me your all, and trust Me your Lord to lead you in the days ahead. This is not something you can do with what you know, and have experienced from the past. I am doing a new thing. I am pouring out new wine, and as a new wineskin you can receive what I have for you, but you need to let Me be Lord of your life in order to receive this new wine. You cannot have any other things in your life that would be more important than My Kingdom. Those things that you put above Me will interfere with the destiny that I have for you. I will not promote or equip anyone who is not sold out to Me. Total surrender is needed. You must lay down your own agendas, and let Me lead you.

My child, you can trust Me with your life for the thoughts and plans I have for you are for your ultimate good. Don’t hold back. Give Me your all. Let Me remove what needs to be removed, and put in what needs to be put in. I am calling you to a higher place that will take you beyond where you are right now up to a whole new level. Let Me be Lord of your life. Don’t settle for less.

In the days ahead I am moving those who are heart qualified into their Kingdom assignments. Those who choose to go another way will not experience what I have for them. I ask that you choose wisely not settling for the temporary when you can experience those things that have eternal value.


Daddy God

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