The greatest generation is now. You have a Kingdom assignment to help bring My Kingdom to earth. I am calling you to your Kingdom destiny. This is a time of decisions as to who you will serve. It is time, My loved ones, to commit to which kingdom you will serve. I have much for you to do, and that will require a total commitment from you to let Me take you to the place you need to be.

It has started, My children. This is not more of the same. You have been set aside for this season to bring My truth to the lost. I am moving, and very soon you will see an acceleration in this. Things are going to move rapidly. There are going to be many suddenlies. I am out to set My house in order, and remove obstacles that have hindered My Church from fulfilling her destiny. This will be a sudden thing for many, and for some it will be more gradual.

I am making My Church a force to be reckoned with. I am going to do this, and nothing will stop Me. My agenda will go forward, and I will accomplish all that I set out to do. This is not a “maybe”, it is a fact. The days of complacency are over. It’s time, My loved ones, to move out to the destiny that I have for you. It is required that you trust Me in this, and let Me lead you in this. You cannot be out of step in this. You cannot run ahead or fall behind. You need to be in lockstep with Me.

I am your strength, and your wisdom. Look to Me to be the force in your life. Without Me you cannot do this. With Me all good things are possible. The time is now, loved ones. Get ready for Kingdom advancement.


Daddy God

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