The time of procrastination is over. I am moving My Church into her end time assignments. My Kingdom is on the move, and this is not a movement that will stop. I intend to bring My Kingdom to earth. My intentions are to bring as many into My Kingdom who are willing to accept Me as their Lord. It is time, My beloved ones, to shake off those things that hinder you from entering into your Kingdom destiny. To do this you must give them to Me, and let Me be Lord of your life. You cannot have any other things before Me. I must be first in your life. I want you to trust Me, and where I am leading you.

What I have for you will surpass anything you could possibly come up with in your own strength. What I give you has eternal value. It is not something you will lose or can be stolen from you. Where I am taking you will be for your good, and for the good of others. I am calling you to a higher calling. One that was designed just for you before you existed. I did not put you on this earth just to exist. You are here for a much higher purpose. You were put on this earth for such a time as this. You are living in a time of great importance, and of great transition.

My children, it is time to get serious about your relationship with Me, your Lord. You need to draw close to Me. A casual relationship will not work in the coming days. Things on this earth will be shaken, but My Kingdom will stand firm. You need to make Me that firm foundation in your life. Everything else is a false hope.

I am on the move, and My Kingdom will prevail. My child, come with Me. Don’t settle for less. Make Me Lord of your life in everything.


Daddy God

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