I am about to change things up! My Kingdom is about to come to the forefront. I am about to release things that My Church has never experienced before. You cannot go by what you know or what you have experienced before. I am releasing a new thing into this earth that will take My Church to another whole level. I am bringing My Church into a maturity that has never been reached before. I am doing this by My Spirit. On your own you would never succeed, but by My Spirit you will. I do this out of My grace and mercy for you. This level that I am taking you to will open doors that have not been attainable before. It will release a power that will bring defeat to the enemy of your soul.

What I am bringing is not more of the same. What I am bringing will supercharge those who are ready for this Kingdom movement. I am going to release anointing that will equip My children for this Kingdom movement. I am going to raise up those who have been in hiding. Those who have been hurt, and are in need of healing. I have not forgotten My promises to those who have been waiting. Those things that have been spoken over you. Even those things you have given up on or have forgotten about. I remember, My loved ones. I keep My word for I am a God of My word. I will follow through and take you to the destiny that I have designed just for you.

This is My promise to you so be encouraged for these things I am telling you will surely come to pass, and I am the one who will make it happen.


Daddy God

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