I am going to allow the things of My Kingdom to flow as it has never flowed before. You will see a significant increase of My presence among My people. In this increase you will see and experience the things that I have set aside for this season. There are warehouses in My Kingdom full of new ideas, strategies, healings, inventions, finances, new art forms, music, major advances in medicine and technology, etc.. These things I am releasing for the benefit of My Church and creation. Much of what I am releasing will bring increase to those who are pursuing the heart of My Kingdom. In My Kingdom there is no poverty, sickness, disease, crime, war, etc.. In My presence you will find perfect love, peace, and joy. I am the heart of My Kingdom and it is My heart, as your heavenly Father, to give My Kingdom heart to you, and all that goes with it. I want you to be free from fear. This fear is lies from the enemy. Much of what you see going on around you is fear generated. Lies that the enemy wants you to believe. Remember, his mission is to kill, steal, and destroy. To take away your hope, peace, and joy. I am here to tell you I will restore these things to you in the coming days, and much more.

My child, I am for you. I can be trusted with your life. Let Me be the Lord of your life. Trust Me to take you to your Kingdom destiny. Give Me your all, and I will multiply it. Don’t settle for less. Come to Me, and let Me be the heart of your kingdom. I want to bless, heal, and prosper you, but it is your choice to make as to which kingdom you will serve.

In the days ahead My Kingdom will increase. I am your hope, peace, and joy, but you need to trust Me with your life, and let Me be the heart of your kingdom.


Daddy God

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