In the beginning of this Kingdom movement I will send out My shock troops. These are the ones who have been, and are ready to take on their Kingdom assignments. These are the ones who I see as Kingdom qualified. I will equip these with great power and authority. I can do this knowing that their hearts are where they should be, and can be trusted with power from on high. I will not equip those whose hearts are not focused on Me, the Lord. You cannot serve two masters. You must choose whose kingdom you will serve. I require your all. I want your all. Nothing can be more important in your life than your relationship with Me, your creator. This requires laying down your plans and purposes, and letting Me lead trusting Me with your future. I do not want your second best. I require your full devotion. I am a good God, and the plans and purposes I have for you for your personal and corporate destiny is greater than anything you will ever achieve going your own way.

You need to understand that you are living in the last days of human history before moving into the reign of My Kingdom. I am moving on My plans and purposes. They are going forward, and they will prevail. Nothing can stop Me for My word stands firm and true. The choice is yours to make, My child, as to which path you choose to take. One has a firm foundation. The other is sinking sand. It is My heart and desire to give you your true destiny, but I cannot if you choose to go your own way. I must be first in your life for My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. My plans and purposes are higher than your plans and purposes for your life.

My child, don’t settle for straw and stubble, but layup treasures in My heaven. Let Me be Lord of your life.


Daddy God

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