Astonish: To strike with sudden wonder. Amaze, astound. To fill with bewildered wonder.

I am about to astound and amaze My Church and creation. This is not a far off thing. I have not forgotten My promises or My word. I will fulfill My word to you on a personal and corporate level. This is not a hope. It is a fact. As sure as the sun rises and sets My word will be fulfilled. I am the Lord of hosts, and I have ultimate authority. What I say will stand. My children, you can be sure that I will come through for you. You have nothing to fear for I am your heavenly Father. I know everything about you, and your current circumstances, but I also know your future circumstances. I can tell you that I am the one who can change your circumstances even if they look insurmountable to you. Trust Me, loved ones, for I will bring change to things that look impossible to you. Ask Me to help you for I have the answers that will address your circumstances. The answers that I will bring may not always look like what you thought they should look like, but I always bring the best answer for your present, and for your future circumstances.

Remember, loved ones, I see the whole picture from start to finish. My heart is that you finish well. You are running a race, and I want you to cross the finish line with honors. At the end of your days, here on earth, you will enter into My heavenly kingdom and here you will be given treasures that will never be lost to you. They will be yours forever, but greater than these is your relationship with Me, your heavenly Father. You will be in My presence forever, and that My child is where I want you to be.


Daddy God

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