Let the Bells of Freedom Ring. I am bringing freedom to My children. Freedom from the fear of the enemy, of man, and of your circumstances. I am going to expose and address the fears that have a grip on My children. You are My children, you are My children, you are My children!

I am your Heavenly Father, and I am going to do exactly what I say. There is no power on earth or in My heaven that can stop Me from doing this. What to you looks like mountains will suddenly become mole hills. What looks to you as unattainable will suddenly be attainable. I am moving on behalf of My children. I have heard your prayers, and I have seen your circumstances. Do not be afraid for I am with you and for you. You need to understand that you are My Beloved, and that I am absolutely for you. What the enemy meant for your harm I will turn around and use it for My glory. You are more than conquerors through Christ who leads you. You need to understand who you are through Christ Jesus who is in you. I have not made you to be complacent or timid. You are a huge threat to the enemy, and he knows that when you realize who you are through My son Jesus, and the authority that He (My son) has given you to bring My kingdom to My creation, his kingdom (the enemy) will have no choice but to yield. My word is and will stand true and firm, and it will come out just how I have spoken it.

My children, trust Me to take you to the destiny that I have designed just for you. As your Father, I will equip you to be the bold warrior that I know you to be. Believe and trust Me, My children, for My ways and thoughts are for your ultimate good, and that of My creation.


Daddy God

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