In the days ahead I will be releasing many things that will equip My children for their Kingdom Call. I am calling My children to their Kingdom destiny. What I am bringing is not based on how you are performing, or where you think you are in your relationship with Me. I will be faithful to follow-through with what I have spoken over you. This is My grace and mercy that I am releasing to you. You cannot earn it, nor do you deserve it. It is because of My love and compassion that I have for you. This is My heart, My loved ones, toward you. I sent My only son to give you a way to spend your eternity with Me, your Father Creator. You have a choice in this either to reject or accept My sacrifice that I, your maker, made for you.

I am looking for those who are truly seeking My kingdom. This means a total commitment to Me that you will trust Me to take you where I want you to be. That you will trust Me with your all, and nothing held back. This is what is required in order to enter into your kingdom destiny. If you decide to follow Me I will help you accomplish much for the glory of My kingdom. Your sacrifices that you make in doing this will be noted, for you will be truly laying up treasures in My heaven. This treasure will be forever yours throughout eternity.

My children, don’t sacrifice your eternal treasures for the temporal things of this world. Come, follow Me into a destiny that will give you true satisfaction and completeness. I am out to bring My kingdom to this earth. I will show My heart toward My Church and creation. That I am a good God, and that I want you to spend your eternity with Me.


Daddy God

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