In the time ahead I will take My Church to new levels she has never experienced before. I will consecrate her for her Holy calling. I will put into her a new heart. I will purge the impurities and lies that the enemy has implanted in her heart, and thinking. I will bring unity based on My holy truth and love. She will believe My truth about her that I see her as the Bride of Christ, and she will walk according to this truth. She will reflect the heart of the Father and Son. She will love herself into victory. Her love will attract many to Me, your Lord. She will be victorious in this. The one thing that the enemy has no answer for is the love of the Father. I will pour out My love to My Church and creation. This is My heart toward My children and creation. I created you for relationship not for you to go through life trying to make it from day to day. I want you to know I did not put you here merely to exist. I want you to experience life with Me leading you. What I am doing is getting you ready for the day you come into My Heaven. In that day all pain, tears, frustrations, disappointments, and sorrows will be removed like an old garment. I have a new one for you in My Heaven. Peace, joy, and love that is all encompassing. Here you will hear My heartbeat, and really know My thoughts and love for you, but I want you to know right where you are right now My thoughts and love toward you. I am absolutely for you, and My thoughts and plans for you are for your good. They may not look like that to you in your current circumstances, but I tell you I will work them out for your ultimate good.

My children, trust Me in this, and let Me lead you on the path to your eternal inheritance. Remember, I sent My son to give you a way to be in My presence forever. That is how much I love you.


Daddy God

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