The days ahead will be glorious for My Church. I am going to release things that will turn the tide. Expect an outpouring that will overwhelm the forces of the enemy. I am out to heal My Church, and give her the means to defeat the enemy. There will be no ebb in what is coming. It will be a constant flow of My Holy Spirit. I am turning on the tap, and I will let it flow. I will wash out the impurities that have kept My Church from fulfilling her God given destiny. This will not be business as usual. What I am bringing is a new thing. It will bring down enemy strongholds that looked impossible to defeat. I will bring My justice to things have run contrary to My laws and precepts.

I know the hearts of men, of companies, of governments, and of the nations. I will bring My favor to those who are trying to follow the ways of My Kingdom. I will lift them up, and speak words of encouragement, healing, and blessing over them. My words are a reality. They are full of life and power. My words have stood, and will stand now and forevermore. I am out to bring My Kingdom to earth, and this I will do! I will partner with My Beloved (church) to bring this about. You, My Beloved, are entering into a time of kingdom advancement that has never been seen or experienced before.

You are entering into a new era known in My Kingdom as “The Golden Age”. The time of the great outpouring. Through this many will come to know Me as their Father, and My son as their savior and Lord. It’s about relationship. I want My creation to come into My house, and spend their eternity with Me. I created you for relationship, and that is what I want to have with you. I will not force you into a relationship with Me. That choice is yours to make. I stand ready to welcome you into My home through My son, Jesus.


Daddy God

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