I will do things that will go way beyond your expectations. The answers I will bring will address many perplexing problems that man has no answer for. I will do this for My glory, and for the good of My Church and creation. The expansion of My Kingdom cannot, and will not be stopped by man or by the enemy. My Kingdom advances despite what you hear or see on the news. You are living in a time of Kingdom advancement and Kingdom promotion. I am raising up My warriors for ¬†promotion and advancement. I will put many on the forefront who have been unknown who will lead on many different fronts. This will be a Kingdom advancement that will attack the enemy’s strongholds in many different ways, and different areas. I will bring unity, honor, and integrity to My Church.

Many will look to the Church in the days ahead for advice and direction. This will be on an individual level as well as a corporate level including government. As your Lord I will provide the wisdom and insight that will provide answers to the many things that need addressing. Those who I advance will do so because of their heart condition. These are the ones who truly love, and walk in true humility. These are the requirements in order to be advanced in My Kingdom. Those who refuse to do this I will demote. I want to promote as many as possible who choose to walk in the Kingdom requirements that I have spoken about, but the choice is yours to make. You must lay down your life, pick up your cross, and follow Me. Trust Me, your Lord, to guide and direct you in the days ahead. I will take you to places that you thought were impossible to attain.

Remember, I am for you not against you. My heart and My thoughts are for your ultimate good, and that of My creation.


Daddy God

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