In the days ahead I will be releasing many things. These things that I  release will be game changers. The impact of this release will change the hearts of many people throughout the world. Through this it will change the culture of many nations. Who is able to do this? I AM is able. I am the Lord of hosts, the creator of the universe. What I am bringing is beyond your comprehension. There are going to be many things that will be new never seen or experienced before actions that I will release to My Church. Yes, I will heal and restore, but it goes much further than that. I am out to prove myself to My creation that yes there is definitely a God in heaven who loves and cares about His creation. I am not some kind of fairytale, but I am the real deal. My word will stand, and I will carry it out down to the last detail. I will do My will on earth as it is in My heaven. This is not an impossibility to Me despite what you see going on around you or despite your circumstances. I am bigger than all of that. I am the answer for all those who choose to follow Me and accept Me as their Lord. I am not boasting, but I am simply telling you the truth. This is how it will go down simply because I said so! I am sovereign, all powerful, and My ways are holy. I will teach My children My ways. I will change hearts and minds through My Holy Spirit. An outpouring is coming of My Spirit over My Church and creation that has never been seen or experienced before. This is not a far off thing. It is very close to activation. Do not be afraid for what I am about to do will be life-changing for many in My Church, and My creation. I am out to do good to bring healing and blessing to many. For some I will bring correction so they can come into line with My Kingdom principles. You are part of My plan. It is the one that I am doing. The old ways of doing things will not work with what I am bringing. I am a God who loves to create. It is not a coincidence that every snowflake is different. I am bringing new wine for a new wineskin (you). You must be flexible and moldable for this to transpire. Let Me, your Lord, lead you and trust Me with your future.


Daddy God

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