My children, you have nothing to fear. I am the Lord, and My plans and purposes will stand. I have spoken My love over you, and with this love there are many things that are released to you. You have My covering and favor, but this is about to be greatly increased. I want you to be at peace for I am greater than any circumstances or situations that come into your lives. I am bigger than any of your problems whether they be individual or corporate. When I give an answer to your problems it may not be as you envisioned. My answers are given to bring the greatest good to you, and those around you. I am not the one who sends problems your way, but I will use them to prove to you My love for you, and to glorify My name.

In the days ahead you will see and experience My love in action. You are entering into a time of great grace and love being released over My Church and the nations. I will pour out My Spirit over all mankind. I will prove Myself to many, and they will make the choice to follow Me. My creation has a decision to make as to which kingdom they will serve. My Kingdom will stand throughout eternity, and the enemy’s kingdom will be vanquished. The choice as to which kingdom you will serve is yours to make. I do want to have relationship with My creation. That is why I am pouring out My Spirit. My heart is that all would enter into relationship with Me, but again it is a personal decision that everyone must make.  I will be moving very soon to bring about this outpouring to My Church and the nations. This is not a far off thing, but you are entering into a season of the greatest outpouring this world has ever witnessed.


Daddy God

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