I am going to lift up My wounded warriors. I have not forgotten you, and I will use you in the days ahead, but first My heart is to heal you and to mend up those things that have hurt you. I want you to let down your guard over those areas of trauma and hurt. Let Me, your Lord, come in to wash out and cleanse those areas that need to be healed up. Trust Me with them for I want to make you whole and complete. I have much to give you, but I cannot give it to a vessel that is wounded for you will not be able to contain what I want to give you. I am absolutely for you. I have not forsaken you, and My promises over you still stand, but you cannot move forward if you hold onto past hurts and trauma. Give them to Me. Let Me heal you, and move you into your Kingdom identity. You are sons and daughters of the most High God, and I choose to speak life over you that will give you abundant life in a way you have never known before. Trust Me, your Heavenly Father, with everything in your life. I know everything about you, and nothing is hidden from Me. I wait patiently for you to choose to give Me your all. That includes the not so good things about your life, and person that you are ashamed of. Those things that you wish you could go back and change. When you give them to Me you are forgiven, and those things are forever forgotten. The past with Me is past. I will not hold you accountable, but you must be able to surrender them to Me and trust Me to do what is best for you. Do not hold onto old offenses and hurts. Surrender them to Me. It will free you to move into all that I have for you. I have forgiven you. Now you forgive those who have offended and hurt you. In doing this it opens up doors that have been closed to you. The enemy no longer has the ability to deny you the freedom and blessing that I have for you. Remember, My Kingdom is all about love. It is based on love. We live in love, and we conduct ourselves in love. This is how My Kingdom will overcome the enemy’s kingdom through love.


Daddy God

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