I am your Heavenly Father who is on the lookout for you. I have given you My best (My son Jesus), and continue to do so. You are not alone. I am always with you. I don’t miss anything that is going on in your life. Nothing escapes My attention. There are times when you may ask, “Where are you God?” My reply to you is, “Right here, My child”. I am in you, and all around you. I know who My children are, and I am their keeper. You must remember child, that My ways and thoughts are higher than your ways and thoughts. That I see the whole picture from start to finish, whereas you only see in part. This applies on an individual level as well as a corporate level. I tie everything together for the good of My children (church), and creation. I am orchestrating your life and destiny for your good and for those around you. Your part is to trust Me as your Lord to do this for you. Remember, My answers may not always be what you think they should look like. Sometimes they are defined by people’s choices. I will change My answers to fit the situation that will bring the greatest good for all involved. I do not bring condemnation, but I do bring conviction because I know what I have created you to be. You might start out rough, but when you allow Me to mold and shape you I make you into true treasure. You are treasure to Me, My loved ones. I sent treasure (My son) to retrieve treasure (you). I am your Daddy, and I Am Your Keeper. You are precious to Me, and true treasure to Me. I do not want you to believe the lies of the enemy that you are unworthy of My love. I have always loved you, and always will, but it is your choice if you want Me to be your Father. I am here, and My arms are wide open to receive you into My Kingdom through My son Jesus.


Daddy God

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