My children, get ready to receive new wine. I have been pruning and mending those areas in your lives that needed change to make you ready as new wineskins.  THE PAST IS PAST. I am taking you into a new era. This is the time for new wine, new ideas, and strategies. I am releasing a new way. The ideas and strategies of the past will not work as they did in the past. I am releasing Kingdom Life to those who are ready to receive it. I am freeing My Church from the box that she is in.  Some of these boxes are self imposed, and others are lies that the enemy wants her to believe. I will speak My truth over her to release her from these boxes. She will rise up to become all that I made her to be. She will be marvelous to behold. She will operate in the fullness of Kingdom Life. I will release to her all that she needs to carry out her Kingdom destiny. This will be a radical change that will help bring many into My Kingdom. This will not be more of the same. She will be a light in a dark place that will attract many to Me, your Lord, in the days ahead. I love My Bride, and I will make her complete and whole. My word stands, and it will come to pass. This is not mere words, but it is My pledge to My children that as your Father I will come through for you. I will not let you down, but I will lift you up to become all that I desire for you to be. My desire is to give you a life that is rich in the abundance of blessing and fulfillment. I know that the pruning and waiting have been hard for many of you, but I did this to bring you into this new season. You will enter into greater abundance and fruit in the coming days, because of this action. My heart for you is to make you complete and whole, to give you Kingdom Life to its fullest for My desire for you is for your ultimate good, and that of My creation.


Daddy God

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