My children your expectations are too low. Do not define what your answers to prayer or your destiny should look like. I am bringing much more than you could ask for or than you expect. I AM that I AM. I created you and everything around you for My glory. I will glorify myself through you. What I am bringing to My Church and creation is far beyond anything you could ask for or imagine. This is beyond anything that has ever been experienced or seen by My people or My creation. I am pouring out My Spirit upon all mankind. It will have a profound effect upon all who choose to receive it. I love My creation, and My plans and purposes for My creation is for their ultimate good. I want to free them from the chains of guilt and shame. I want them to live life in true freedom in the fullness of Kingdom life. I am doing this to liberate them from the lies of the enemy. I am a God who is all for the good of My creation. I want all who are wounded and broken to come to Me for My heart is to heal them. I want them to have relationship with Me through My Son, Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the life. What I am bringing will bring life and freedom to multitudes of people around the world. I will breathe on My Church new life. I am calling her to a much higher place so that she can be the Bride I have created her to be. What I am bringing cannot be defined by what you know or what you have experienced. This will be much more than anything ever experienced by My Church or My creation.

Remember, I am not limited in My ability to bring this about for I am the Lord God.


Daddy God

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