In an instant I will arrive with the answers that are needed to empower My children to move into their kingdom destinies. This will not be long-term answers that will take years to come into fruition. I will move on behalf of My children and creation. I am out to bring healing and wholeness to My Church and creation. This will be a heart changing event for I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. You will know My love toward you and My creation. I did not create this world, and all that is around you to be destroyed. I created this world so I can have fellowship and relationship with you and My creation. My kingdom is based on love and relationship. I am not a far off God, but I am a God who wants to be involved in your everyday lives. I want you to come to Me for My heart is to heal you, and give you life to its fullest. I have a destiny for you that will surpass anything that you could ever plan for yourself. In doing this, and trusting Me, your Lord, with your lives and future I can release to you the things that will move you into your kingdom destiny. This is not a far off thing, but it is a now thing. I am moving to bring My kingdom to earth on a scale that has never been seen before. I am raising up My Church to become all that I have designed her to be. She will be lovely to behold. A true bride of Christ the King. I will bring true unity to the body of Christ. It will be all for one, and one for all. The heart of My children will reflect My heart toward each other and My creation. It will draw many into My Kingdom, and a relationship with Me, your creator.

I want you to know I am absolutely for you, and My plans for you are for your eternal good.


Daddy God

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