I am about to release a major makeover to My Church. This makeover will position My people to go on the Kingdom offensive. I will expose the lies of the enemy and speak My truth over My Church and creation. I will make My children into the warriors that they are meant to be. I will call forth legions of My angels to partner with My children to bring this about. You will strike fear into the heart of the enemy. You will bring chaos into the plans and purposes of the enemy. You will bring down strongholds not only in the spiritual, but also in the physical. My Church will be transformed into all I have called her to be. This is the time, and you are in place to bring about the greatest movement of My Kingdom ever witnessed on this earth. As your God I will move mightily on your behalf to bring this into fruition. You are on the cusp of being transformed into the Bride I have designed you to be. This is not just more talk. It will happen just as I have planned it to happen. There is going to be an outbreak of My Holy Spirit that has never been experienced in the history of man. I will do all that I have spoken over My children. This is not more of the same. Many of you have been longing and praying for the advancement of My Kingdom, and I have heard your prayers. I have been moving, but it is about to go into hyper drive. There will be a rapid advancement. What used to take years to see any movement in will be reduced to days. I will see to it that this will be the norm, and not the exception. I will do exactly what I said I would do.

So, My children, fasten your safety belts (My love for you) and get ready for the ride of your life.


Daddy God

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