In the days ahead My Bride will arise. She will be bold and beautiful. I will remove the fear of man and the enemy from her. She will be bold in speaking My truth to My creation. She will stand firm on My word. She will know her Lord, and have a relationship with Me that is firm and true. I will create in her a new heart. A heart that knows My love for her. A heart that is Kingdom focused. I will raise her up to be all that I have spoken over her. She will be the Bride that is beautiful to Me her Lord. I will consecrate those who are truly ready to give Me their all. What I am bringing requires your all. You cannot serve two masters. What I am offering you will truly be life fulfilling. It is a fulfillment that only I can give you. You will not find this in the world or in its ways. I am the truth and the life, and I give life fully and abundantly. Do not settle for less. Lay up treasures in heaven, for this treasure is the one that will last throughout eternity. You can trust Me to take you where you need to be. I will be faithful to follow through with all that I have spoken over you. My plans and purposes for you will be life altering and life fulfilling. Right now you may not see this, and you are saying to yourself, “I’ve heard this before and I’ve seen very little of this in my life”, but I guarantee you this if you trust Me with your life I will follow through with all that I have for you. I have always fulfilled My word throughout history to those who have given Me their all. My favor and protection goes before, and follows those who are sold out to Me. I will fulfill My word because of who I am. I will not be slack in this for My Kingdom is coming, and what I have spoken in My word will come to pass.

Remember, loved ones, it is I who loved you first.


Daddy God

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