In the days ahead marvelous things will be released to My children. I will speak restoration over you. I will heal all wounds, and make you whole. I will restore those things that the enemy has stolen from you. I will release things that are beyond your comprehension. My plans and purposes for you are for your ultimate good. These plans and purposes will not only effect you, but they will have a ripple effect upon your environment, your family, job, ministry, etc.. There will be a substantial change in how you look at things. I am going to give you Kingdom Eyes. I want you to see others as I see them. I want you to love them as I love them. I want you to treat them as I would treat them. You are to speak life over them and give them a hope, and a future through Me, your Lord God. I will respond and bring what is needed to bring My Kingdom to this world. This is a promise to those who choose to put Me first. Those who make a choice to trust Me with their futures. I am going to bring change to My Church, and with this change there will be persecution, but fear not, I am with you. You will not stand alone for I have set aside many resources for this Kingdom movement. Multitudes of My angels are at the ready to spring into action at My word. They will partner with you to bring My Kingdom to earth. Remember, My word and promises are firm and true. I back My word with holy authority. There is no being in My creation who can stand against Me or change what I have decreed. My word will always stand, and what I have spoken over you will come to pass.

So, My children, trust Me your Heavenly Father, to bring this to you. You are My sons and daughters whom I love, and I will follow through.


Daddy God

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