A great commissioning is coming to My Church. This commissioning will take you out of the restrictions that the lies of the enemy and man have bound you up with. My truth will prevail, and it will set many free from the bonds of the enemy and man. I am the one who speaks truth over you and your life. I am going to move you out of the lies that you have come into agreement with, and into My truth that will truly set you free. It is a freedom that will take away the fears that would keep you from fulfilling your Kingdom destiny. I am your provider, protector, and healer and I will not allow the enemy or man to keep you from entering into all that I have for you. The only thing that can change this is choice. You must choose who to believe. Are you content to stay where you are or are you ready to move into My truth that sets you free? The requirement here is to give Me your all. A total surrender of your life to Me, your Lord. It is letting Me be Lord of your life and trusting Me to take you where you need to be. In the days ahead there will be shakings of those things that people have put their trust in  the world. My Kingdom is a firm foundation, and a sure thing. My love for My Church and creation are also a sure thing. I only want the best for those who choose to have relationship with Me, and trust Me with their future. Those who choose not to have relationship with Me I still love, but because of their choice they will not have that firm foundation that only I can provide for them. They will suffer through the consequences of their choice. I ask you to choose wisely, to come into a full relationship with Me, and let Me be Lord of your life. My children, come to Me. See and taste the goodness of your Heavenly Father for what I have for you is far above any of your expectations.


Daddy God

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