In the days ahead I will be releasing things that will bring healing and restoration to many areas both individually and corporately. I am the author and finisher of Kingdom destinies. There will be much to show, and much to tell. Testimonies of My healings, and restoration of things that look impossible to many will happen. It is the year of jubilee, and I fully intend to do much healing and restoration. I am your Heavenly Father, and what I have for you will bring restoration and healing to areas of your lives that need My personal touch. I want you to know there will be a fundamental change take place in your hearts. Priorities will be changed, and some things that used to have importance to you will change. A realignment is coming that will put you on the path to your Kingdom destinies.

In the days ahead there will be changes. I will make adjustments in My church that will promote some, and demote others. Again, it is a heart issue. My children need to make the decision to who they will put first in their lives. The choice is yours to make. If you decide to put Me first, and trust Me to lead you in the coming days, I promise you that you will go places that you never thought were possible. I will take you on the greatest adventure of your lives. I will speak life over you that is fulfilling, and that gives you a completeness. It is My heart to give you the joy of Kingdom life. I want you to be a whole being, and live life to its fullest.

Remember, I know your heart and all that goes on in it. I know exactly what would give fullness of life to you, and how to bring that to you.


Daddy God

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