The things that I am bringing will bring healing to individuals and the nations. What looks impossible becomes possible when My people trust Me to move on their behalf. As your Lord, I can and will move mountains to bring My Kingdom to earth. My Kingdom will come, and My will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. My Church will rise up to help bring this about. It is a partnership with Me and My children. I will give My children the necessary gifts and means to bring this about. I will entrust those who have given Me their all with Kingdom power. These will be the ones who have surrendered their lives to Me. This means letting Me lead and trusting Me to take you where you need to go. Our partnership is a mutual trust. I am trusting you to use what I am giving you for you to use to advance My Kingdom. This requires a humble heart, and walking in true humility. I will not give Kingdom things to the haughty or prideful. I know your heart, and I see what is going on inside of it. You cannot hide or conceal things from Me, your Lord God. You cannot con your way into receiving Kingdom power. I am looking for those who are truly surrendered to Me. I will be faithful to finish the good work I started in the lives of My children.

In the days ahead I will move to bring about change in My Church. I will promote the humble, and bring down the prideful. My Church will shine in the days ahead. I will boast about My beautiful bride for she will walk in love, and true humility. I will empower her to do great things to advance My Kingdom. In the last days My name will be glorified, and I will bring many into My Kingdom. My children, do not be afraid to surrender your all to Me for I will transform you into the beauty that I have designed you to be.


Daddy God

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