I am the Lord, and My grace is more than sufficient to bring My Kingdom to earth. More than enough to bring change to those things that look impossible to you. To bring life to those things that look dead to you. Things that you have given up on that you have lost hope in. My grace is more than enough to raise up My Church, and change the nations. My grace will cover you and this earth like the morning dew. My grace will cause My Church to blossom into all that I have called her to be. She will bring much glory to Me in the days ahead. I am the God of Abraham, and through his lineage I brought the greatest grace to My creation through My son, Jesus. I am a God of grace. I keep My word and covenant with My people. As it says in My word, “In the last days I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh”. That is exactly what will take place. The greatest movement of My Kingdom that this world has ever witnessed is at hand. I will release great grace that will change the hearts of men who choose to have Me as their Lord and Savior. This grace that I am bringing cannot be earned or is it deserved. It is a gift from your Heavenly Father to you, My Beloved. It is My desire that all would enter into relationship with Me, but I leave that choice to you.

In the days ahead I will bring many changes to My Church. She will not be what she was. I will refine and purify her to be the Bride of Christ. She will operate in great authority that will bring great glory to Me, because of My grace over her.


Daddy God

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