The timing for things to come will come according to My will. I am about to release things that will start the countdown for the return of My son, Jesus. This will be done in a divine order. What looks like the impossible I can and will make possible. There is nothing too big for Me. I will do these things according to My plans and purposes, and nothing will alter them. Man may try , and the enemy certainly will try, but to no avail. I am the God of the universe. Everything you see around you I made. It all belongs to Me. My plans and purposes will not fail. Everything is a “go”, and is on track. I am your future. My Kingdom will prevail, and it will be on earth as it is in My Heaven. I will raise up My Church, and she will be everything that I have spoken over her. She will prevail, and bring My Kingdom to earth. I will give her every necessary thing to make her successful in her Kingdom assignments. No man nor the enemy will be able to stop her. She will carry out her destiny with distinction. I will receive great glory through her, and she will be all that I have created her to be. The days of staying complacent are over. It is time to wake up to the reality of My Kingdom coming to earth. There will be no compromise in this action, and it is as real as the sun that shines on you. I am God, and what I say goes. I love My Church and creation. That is why I sent My son the first time to give life to those who choose to have relationship with Me, your maker. I am fair and just in all My actions, and I keep My word. So it will be in bringing My Kingdom to earth. This will not be more of the same. This will be a quantum leap for My Church. I am taking her to where she needs to be in order for her to carry out her Kingdom destiny. This is My Church’s future to be the Bride that I have designed her to be. There will be no holdbacks, and it will be done according to My will.


Daddy God

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