I am about to do things that will amaze My Church and creation. I am going to pull out all the stops. Those things that have hindered My Church from becoming what I want her to be. The time for healing, and the equipping of My Church is at hand. This move will be different than any other move that has happened in the past. This is a move that will accelerate My Church into what I, your Lord, have designed her to be. I will remove the lies and obstacles that the enemy has placed before My people. I am clearing a path for My children to follow. The things (luggage) of the past will no longer hinder. I am cleansing My people to become all that I have called them to be. The days of being complacent, and apathetic are coming to a close. I am going to light a fire over My Church (Holy Spirit fire). The days ahead will be one of change. I am going to lift up those who I see as Kingdom qualified. These are the ones who have gone through the wilderness that have yet to cross their Jordan into their promised land. I can tell you that they are about to do just that. The key here is to trust Me, your Lord, to do this for you. This is not something that you can make happen, and you cannot earn it. You are about to experience what My amazing grace is all about. You will learn about the heart of your heavenly Father. That My love for you is all consuming, and the plans and purposes that I have spoken over your life are for your ultimate good.

Trust and rest in Me, and My word for I will stand by My word, and I will carry it out in My perfect timing.


Daddy God

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