I am about to change things up. I am going to raise up My Church to become all that I have called her to be. This is not more of the same. The change I bring will radicalize My Church. She will no longer be lukewarm in her commitment to Me, her Lord. She will lay down old agendas and programs. I will show her a new way that will be very effective in bringing lost souls to Me, their creator. This will not be a here today and gone tomorrow event. There will be no cooling off period. My Bride will remain faithful to Me, and will pursue Me and My Kingdom. There will be no doubt who is of My Kingdom, and who is not. It will be evident in the lives and actions of My children. They will know that the end of the age is at hand. That they are in transition from one age to another. My Kingdom is at hand. This is not mere words, but it is a reality that is soon to come to pass. The days ahead will bring restoration and healing to My children. Those who have been hurt and put down by the Church I will restore. Those who have walked in humility I will extol. Those who have walked in pride I will demote. I will raise up the humble of heart. These are the ones who will be part of My Kingdom. I will energize My Church with love, truth, integrity, and honor. I will give her the necessary tools to fulfill her destiny not only in Spirit, but also in a practical manner. I will give her the resources to enable her to complete the mission that I have called her to. This is not some pipe dream, but it is a reality that My Church will soon realize. I don’t speak empty words for I am the Lord. I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. I am forever faithful to My word, and to those who have made Me their God.


Daddy God

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