As your Lord I am about to move things that look unmovable to you. Things that look firm and insurmountable. In your heart and mind you may have given up. You are at a place where you are feeling uncertain and in despair. My child, I am with you even though you may not feel that I am, because of your circumstances. I am well aware of where you are. I have heard your prayers and petitions. They are before Me. My love, don’t give up. My peace I give to you. I can assure you I will respond because you are precious to Me. I have not forsaken you or forgotten about you. You are foremost in My mind, and heart. I am well aware of where you are at, and your present circumstances. I want you to be joyful even though you may not feel joy in your present situation. I am going to move on your behalf. The timing in this movement will be done when it will have the greatest impact, and do the most good. I want you to know, and others around you, of My great goodness that as your Heavenly Father My heart is for you. You are My children, and I will not give up on you. My commitment to you is strong and firm. It does not change. Throughout your life My love and commitment to you is constant. Trust Me, My loved ones, to follow-through with those things that I have spoken over you. I can and will restore those things that you feel are lost. I am a God of redemption. I am able to restore nations, cities, families, and individuals. Nothing is too big for Me or impossible. I will raise up My Church, and she will do the impossible through My Holy Spirit. I will do these things because of who I am. My word stands firm and true. My love for you is also firm and true. This never changes. So be joyful, My loved ones, for I am with you and for you always.


Daddy God

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