Furious: 1. Fierce, angry, violent. 2. Boisterous. 3. Intense.

My love for My Church is intense, and fierce. She is My Bride in whom I am well pleased. Her day of rising up is at hand. I am the Lord, and My Bride will become all that I have spoken over her. My love for her is all consuming, and I am fierce in My devotion to her. The days of sitting on the sidelines or warming the bench are over. If you want My Kingdom you have to get into relationship with Me. That means you cannot compromise. You are either for Me or against Me. It is your choice to make. There are two kingdoms; the enemy’s and Mine. Who you will serve is your choice. In the coming days it will become very clear who is of which kingdom. I am the Lord, and I will have a clean and spotless Bride. I want My Bride to be all I have called her to be. What I am giving her will help her to make great advances in taking back what is Mine. I made her to be victorious over the enemy. There will be a rising up of moral courage, integrity, honor, love, and unity within My Church. I will bring it through My Spirit. My Bride is a fierce warrior, and the enemy knows it. It is his plan to keep her complacent and asleep, but I am shouting, “Wake up My Bride. It is time to take up your destiny.” I am your Lord, and I will lead you to victory. You are not doing this in your own power, but it is by My Spirit. I want to do a new thing in your lives. I want to lead you to new spiritual heights that can only be reached through Me, your Lord. I will also give you the practical things to achieve this goal. The path I set you on is for the good of My creation. It is to give them the truth of My love for them as their Heavenly Father.  That I very much want to be in their lives, and have relationship with them. I want them, and you to have relationship throughout eternity with Me in My Kingdom. It’s My heart that all would come to Me, and seek Me as their Lord.


Daddy God

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