Amplify: 1. To expand by extended treatment. 2. To increase in magnitude or strength. 3. To make louder.

 The days of wondering if My Kingdom is coming are drawing to a close. Soon My peace and presence will be amplified to My children. My peace and presence I am releasing over My Bride (Church). I am calling her forth to fulfill her destiny. She will walk in peace, and My presence will surround her. I am a faithful husband to My Bride, and I will fully support her and give her the necessary gifts and resources to fulfill her God-given destiny. I am the Lord, and My word stands true and firm. What I have spoken over My Church I will do. This is not dependent on My Bride. All she has to do is say yes, and trust Me, her provider, to bring this about for her. This amplification will be brought about by My spirit. It will be done according to My word and will. I will stand by My word, and I will follow through. This is not wishful thinking or some kind of fairytale. The reality of My Kingdom will become obvious to many in the coming days. They will witness My power and authority over their circumstances and lives. I want them to know that there is indeed a God in heaven, and on earth who loves them and wants to have relationship with them. That I am very real, and I am concerned for their well-being. I want to be their heavenly Father, and I want them to be My children so that they can come to Me anytime, and trust Me to do what is best for them. My heart is for My children and My creation.

I made you for relationship, loved ones, and that is what I want to have with you. Your choice to accept Me as your Lord and Savior I will celebrate and honor.


Daddy God

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