Facile: 1. Not hard to do or achieve; easy. 2. Acting, working, or done easily; or in a quick way; smooth way; fluent; ready.

I, your Lord, am your facilitator. What I am bringing is not hard for Me to do or achieve. The words and prophecies that I have spoken to My people, and to creation I can and will do. Nothing can stop Me for I am the Lord. When I say I will restore My church, a nation, or an individual, that is exactly what I mean. This is not a hard thing for Me to do. What looks impossible to you is possible for Me, your Lord. I am about to facilitate those things that My people have cried out for.

I will restore My loved ones. I am about to make you the head, and not the tail. Your healing is at hand. Do not despair. Soon your mourning will be turned into joy in the morning. I am able to move things that look immovable to you. I can bring together those things that look permanently separated to you. I will restore what the enemy has stolen from you. This will be done by My Spirit. Wherever My Spirit is sin and corruption cannot stand. It has to flee for it cannot exist in My presence for I am a Holy God. As it says in My word, “I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh in the last days”. (Joel 2:28, and Acts 2:17). My word will stand, and nothing can stop it. It will go forward toward the destiny that I have set before it. Your circumstances will not stop the destiny that I have spoken over you. You can be sure that I, your Lord, will come through for you. I am not slack in fulfilling My word over you. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.


Daddy God


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