Your circumstances may look overwhelming to you, but I am the Lord. Many have given up or are on the verge of giving up, but I say to you, “Don’t give up”. My answers for you, and your circumstances will arrive on time. Many are saying, “When Lord when?” I am the Lord, and My timing in this will be perfect. My timing comes with answers that cover more than what you see or know. Many times My answers are interconnected with others who are going through similar circumstances. I hear your prayer, and the prayer of others. I miss nothing, and I know your circumstances. I am not disconnected or out of touch. I use what the enemy uses against you to glorify My name. I do care about you, and My timing to respond to your circumstances sometimes will vary. Sometimes I will have you go through the storm to strengthen your walk with Me. Also, to prove My faithfulness to you, and to increase your faith levels. These are the times to build an Altar of Remembrance to Me to remember My faithfulness to you as you go through the hard places in your life. I am always with you even if you don’t feel that I am. You are My child, and I want you to trust Me. What I allow into your life is meant to draw you closer to Me. Many times when things are going well My children have a tendency to forget their Heavenly Father. I use what the enemy meant for harm in their lives to draw them back to Me. This life you are living is just a small piece of time compared with eternity. I want you with Me throughout eternity. I want to have an eternal relationship with you, because I love you. I will always be working for your good even though you may not believe that I am. Don’t let your circumstances or the lies of the enemy fool you into thinking otherwise. I am for you, and I love you. My arms are always wide open in relationship with you as My child.


Daddy God

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