I AM the one who brings life and love to My creation. I AM the one who sent love in the form of My son (Jesus). I AM the one who restores and completes you. Apart from Me you will never have true peace and love. There is no other that can fill that place that gives you true contentment. My children, I AM the one who designed you to walk in a true fullness of life and love through a relationship with Me, your Lord. This relationship requires trusting Me with your whole being. This means giving Me all of you. Your talents, gifts, family, ministries, jobs, hobbies, sports, possessions, finances, time, etc.. I AM the one who has given you the ability to have gifts and resources to enable you to have these things, but they were never meant to replace Me. Your relationship with Me must be first and foremost in your priorities. If you put Me first I will guide and direct your steps, and bless you in your endeavors.

Remember, loved ones, I know you better than you know yourselves. I know your heart inside and out. You cannot conceal anything from Me. So come to Me, and be honest with Me. What you tell Me does not shock Me or take Me by surprise. My heart for you, as your Heavenly Father, is to give you life in great abundance, and to have a relationship with you based on love and trust.


Daddy God


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