Magnificent: 1. Characterized by grandeur or beauty: splendid. 2. Exalted, noble, imposing, stately.

Just a whisper of praise is magnified in My presence. I am a God who knows the desires, and praises of My children. As your Lord I inhabit your praises. I know the way has been difficult for many of you, but the days of whispered praise is coming to a close. Soon you will shout your praise for I am about to release such a magnificence over My Church. Get ready for a Holy Transformation that will astound the nations. I am declaring this The Day of the Lord for I will release those things that will take My Church into the greatest harvest she has ever experienced. As your Lord, I will remove those things that have kept you from moving into your Kingdom destiny. The anointing that I am bringing will free the fetters that have kept you from moving forward. I know that many of you have been waiting upon Me to release those things that will propel you into what I have spoken over you. This, My children, is not more of the same or just another word. My promises and purposes for you still stand, and they have not faded away. I have not forgotten you, and what I have declared over you I will do. I will do what needs to be done on earth as it is in My Heaven. There is no compromise in this. I am the Lord, and My word stands forever. I am not slack in My promises to you, My children. This release is not a far off thing, but it is close. I am releasing many of My angels to partner with you in the days ahead. Expect visitations of Heavenly Host in the coming days. My love for you has never faltered. It is always steady and true for My Beloved. As your Lord, I will love you and My creation into My eternal Kingdom.


Daddy God


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