I, your Lord, have determined the future of My Kingdom. Those who choose to follow Me, and give Me their all I will use to bring My Kingdom to earth. Despite all the bad reports you hear, and see it is I who holds the future. In My word I have already stated who comes out on top. There is no mystery to this. My children, I don’t want you to fear your future for I am sovereign God. There is no higher authority. If I am for you who can stand against you? You are My Beloved, and I deeply care about you and your future. Your relationship with Me is foundational for you in the days ahead. I am the maker of your destiny. In Me you will find true contentment, and peace no matter what your circumstances look like. I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of love. I want you to draw close to Me, and trust Me to guide you through these coming days. I will not leave you or forsake you. You do not stand alone for I am always here for you. I will cleanse, and equip you to enable you to take on your kingdom assignments. What I am bringing is far beyond anything that you could ask for or imagine. This is My Kingdom that I am bringing. It is far higher than anything that you have experienced before. You will be mighty in My Kingdom. The authority that I give you will make you an over comer.

In the days ahead, My Kingdom will advance. There is no retreat in this. You will have a boldness that You have never had before. You will speak My truth, and see My Holy Spirit heal the brokenhearted. My heart, as your Father, is to have as many that choose to have Me as the Lord of their lives come into My Kingdom, and into an eternity of relationship with Me. I love My Church. I love Israel, and the nations. In the days ahead there will be a vast harvest of souls that My people have never experienced before. This is My Kingdom on the move in love, power and might.


Daddy God


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