I love My Church, and I have much to teach My Church about who I am, and My heart toward her. My Church, you have much to learn about how to love. You are perfected in and through My love. My Son (Jesus) coming to earth is an example of this perfection of love. You need to know My Father’s heart toward My children and creation. I have always wanted relationship with My creation. Many have gone their own direction thinking they know best; a relationship with Me is a waste of time, and would not affect the outcome of their lives. They would prefer to be their own god, and ignore the one true God. I am the one who created you, who breathed life into your very being. You were never designed to go through life without relationship with Me, your Lord. There is a void in your heart that only I can fill. This is a place reserved for Me, your Lord. You cannot fill it with things from this earth; not with possessions, jobs, hobbies, religion or relationships with others. I am the only one who can give you true contentment, true fulfillment, and true love. I am the one who completes you. I am the one who has a destiny for you that will bring fullness to your life, and a sense of completeness. This is what I want for you as your Heavenly Father.

There are many of you who are tired of playing church. In your heart you know that there is more to life than going through the routine of religion. Many are looking for more than three songs, and a sermon. I am the one who has a plan, and purpose for you that will release you into Kingdom life. Seek Me, loved ones, for what I have for you will give you fullness of life. I have not called you to go through the routine and workings of religion. I have called you to a close, and personal relationship with Me, your God. This relationship is not rote. I have called you to joy, and fullness of life. I am the one who can lead you to the fullness of Kingdom life. This, My beloved, is My heart for you as your Lord.


Daddy God


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