I am about to release things that will equip My Church for the days ahead. There are those who are ready for this release, and there are those who are not heart ready to receive what I have for them. I can only move with those who are heart ready. A choice must be made as to which kingdom they will serve. The pull of this world is strong on some of My people. They believe that it will continue to be business as usual, that no change is coming, that it will be more of the same. They go through the motions of worshiping Me with their lips, but not with their hearts. This is not the life I have called My people to. I am speaking life over My Church. This life I am calling you to is not more of the same. I am going to break the boxes that My people have put themselves in. The enemy is very content to let My children stay within those boxes. These boxes are like spiritual coffins. It is a place where there is little or no spiritual growth. I have not spoken death over you. I have spoken life! I have called you to a much higher place. I want you to live the Kingdom life that I have for you. This requires the surrender of your plans, your agendas, your all to Me, your Lord. This means you will let Me be the Lord of your life. Your trust needs to be in Me. My plans and purposes for you will be far beyond anything you would receive by going your own way.

I have heard the cry of those whose hearts are fully given to Me, and I will respond to that cry. I will release to them a full measure of My abundance. They will experience an out flowing of My Holy Spirit, and have that relationship with Me as it is meant to be. I want My sons and daughters to really know Me, and My heart for them. I am always there for them, and My love for them is consistent and true.


Daddy God


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