I am going to break the spirit of hopelessness that is over My people. Many of My people are looking for answers in the wrong places. They are looking for leaders who will change their circumstances. Many are still trying to bring change through men who are incapable of bringing true change where it is needed. These men speak as though they have the answers, but in truth they do not, because it is based on human wisdom which is limited and skewed. Because of the fallen nature of men they have a tendency to repeat their mistakes. Their truth is different than My truth. What I have for My people is real truth, real answers, real love, and a real relationship with a real God. My heart is to bring order to the chaos to men who have believed the lies of the enemy as truth; to expose them to the truth of My word and My wisdom. They have a choice to make as to which truth they will accept. Remember, I am the one who created true wisdom. My truth will set the captives free. It will heal hearts, it will change the culture of men, and nations for their benefit. Man’s heart is the heart of the issue. I sent My Son Jesus to address this issue so I could give My creation a bridge to have relationship with Me, their creator.

I have a plan, a purpose, and a destiny for those who have trusted Me with their lives, who have surrendered their all to Me. I am your hope and future, loved ones, and I will come through for you. Trust Me, and My wisdom to take you through the days ahead. My truth does not disappoint. I speak life in abundance over you, My children. My truth, and wisdom will not let you down.


Daddy God


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