In the coming days many things will begin to manifest, but this will be a manifestation of My Kingdom. I am going to release great light over the darkness of this world. My ways are much higher than the expectations of My Church. I am able to take you further, and higher than anything that you could ask for or imagine. Those daunting things that look impossible to you are nothing for Me, your Lord. I am the Lord. Who can stop Me? I am the one who put the universe together, who spoke this world’s existence into being. What nation or man can stand against Me? You see them running to and fro trying to control their destinies, but in the end it is I who has the last word. What I say will stand. My word, as your God, is steadfast and true. My Church, cast off your fear. Keep your hearts focused on Me for I am going to bring radical change to My Church. I am breathing new life into My body. I am calling you into your Kingdom destinies. The heart of My Church will reflect that of My Son (Jesus). This is the level that you will operate in. I am going to heal My Church so she can walk in love and purity. This new look, for My Church, will draw many into My Kingdom. There will be unity established in My Church that cannot be broken by man or the enemy.

In the days ahead I will draw out those who are ready for a Kingdom realignment. These are the ones who have said, “Father, I give you My all”. Their desire is to bring My Kingdom to earth no matter what the cost. These who are sold out to Me I will honor. I will trust them with the things of My Kingdom that will give them the power, and authority to advance My Kingdom. I am going to promote many who are unknown on this earth, but are well known in My heaven. You who have waited, and prayed for My Kingdom to come, and My will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, get ready to receive your Kingdom promotions.


Daddy God


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