As time passes you will see implementation of My Kingdom plans over My Church and creation. These are not plans for business as usual. These plans are for My over comers, My Kingdom warriors, those whose hearts are truly focused on Me, their God and King. This is not for those who want to go their own way. The day is fast coming where you must declare who you will serve. The choice is yours to make, but it requires a total commitment to Me, your Lord, if you are to enter into My Kingdom anointing. This is not for those who still choose to pursue the things of this world.

I am looking for world changers; those whose desires are for the things of My Kingdom. This is about multiplication. I am taking more souls into My Kingdom than what has ever been done before. I need those who are not afraid to speak My truth to the lost for My truth is full of power. My words are for those who come to Me in humility; those who are hurting and looking for genuine love. My love does not harm, it heals. I am the great restorer. It is My heart, as your Heavenly Father, to restore your well-being in all areas of your lives. I am the one who can do this. This is not impossible for Me. I ask you to trust Me in this, and give Me those things that look impossible to you. I can turn circumstances in your life from ashes to beauty. This is not hard for Me to do for I am the Lord. Do not be afraid to give Me your all. I can take your all, and turn it into something that is way beyond anything that you could comprehend or expect. My heart for you is to be successful in this life as well as in heaven. This success is based on Kingdom life as I designed it to be. Your life needs to be defined by Me, your Lord. I am the author and designer of Kingdom life, and I am the only one who can do this for you, but it requires your total surrender to Me. The question is, “Are you willing to lay down your life and trust Me with it”?


Daddy God


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