In the days ahead I will pour out My spirit upon those who are ready to receive what I have for them. This is for those who are ready to be Kingdom activated. Their heart condition will determine this. For new wine must be poured into new wineskins. The old will not work with the new. What I am bringing will require flexibility to accept the new things that I am bringing into My church. My children need to know that this is a Holy Spirit led movement. It will not accept or be infused with man-made ideas or programs. It simply will not work with this Kingdom movement. The key here is to let Me, your Heavenly Father, lead you into your Kingdom destiny. Your relationship with Me must be up close, and personal. You must stay open to My promptings, and My leadership.

As your Lord I am the one who will pull together those things that are needed to bring unity to My body. As a body you will have the cohesion to work together in unity to bring My Kingdom to earth. This cohesion is made up of love, humility, and a heart that reflects that of My Son Jesus. His heart (Jesus) reflects My heart, and My heart is a father’s heart for My creation. I am after the real treasures of My creation. Nothing gives Me greater joy than when one of My children decides to have relationship with Me, their God. I love it when one who was lost is found. My heart is to bring as many into My Kingdom who makes the choice to accept Me as their Heavenly Father. That is why I commanded My church to go out into the world to speak My truth to the lost. I am about restoring relationships, hope to the hopeless, and love to the loveless. It’s to free My creation up from the lies of the enemy for My truth sets people free. My Truth Is Love. It is based on love, and it operates in love.


Daddy God


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