My church, are you ready to go? Are you ready to move into your Promised Land? It’s time to shake the dust off of your wilderness experiences. It’s time to move forward. Get ready to cross your Jordan, loved ones, for I am going to release those things that will equip you to take the land. My warriors are true warriors. These are the ones who have gone through the fire of adversity, and have laid down their lives to follow Me, their Lord. Their focus is for the things of My Kingdom. They are not distracted by the things of this world nor do they have a desire for anything less than their Lord. This movement that I am bringing will be a game changer to My church. This will be far beyond anything that My church has experienced in the past. I am going to lead My true church into her destiny. This is not for those who are not wanting a change in how church is currently done. I am looking for world changers. Those who want more than a lukewarm relationship with Me. I am after the fiery ones, those whose hearts are Kingdom focused. To them it is not about what’s in it for them, but what can they do to further My Father’s Kingdom. It’s about going out and after the lost, the hurting, and the downtrodden. It’s about sharing the good news of how I love them, and see them as their Heavenly Father. My truth will free and heal many in the coming days. I am going after the souls of men, women and children. These are what I treasure. I created them to be part of My family, and I want them to spend their eternity with Me. It’s My heart that all would come to Me, but I leave that choice to My creation. I will not force anyone to have a relationship with Me. The choice is for them to make, but in this I want them to know how I love them, and the sacrifice that was made for them to enable them to have relationship with Me, their creator.


Daddy God


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