I am preparing My church for her Kingdom activation. My church is made up of people whose hearts are centered on Me, their Lord. I’m going to activate those who I see as Kingdom qualified. Those who are still operating in their own strength, in their own understanding, and with their own agendas will not receive what I am bringing. The requirement is that your all must be surrendered to Me if you want to move into what I have for you. You must let Me lead. I am doing a new thing, and My people need to be willing to submit to My Holy Spirit. My church will not be man led, but “by My Spirit” led. The agendas of men must be laid down, because they will not work with what I am bringing. I am taking you beyond your “old works”. You must be flexible and teachable with what I am bringing. I will not tolerate a mixing or blending of the things of men or of the enemy in My church. I am raising up a pure and spotless Bride for the days ahead.

In the days ahead I will purify My church. You will be a light in this world, and there will be no shadow in you. The motives and actions of My church will be pure and clean, and without those things that have hampered you in the past. I love you, My children, but you must be willing to surrender your all to Me in order to be promoted into what I have for you. I cannot promote those whose hearts are not Kingdom ready. Those who have hearts that are Kingdom ready I will promote. There will be a church, and then there will be My church. The choice of which one you will serve is up to you. To move into My Kingdom church it requires that you surrender your all to Me, and trust Me to lead you into your Kingdom destiny. It is going to be black and white in the coming days. The question is, “Which kingdom will you serve”? Mine or the enemy’s?


Daddy God


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