I will bring many things in the coming days. Things that will bring change in how My church conducts her business. The old model will not work with what is coming. I am doing a new work in My church. I will conform her into what she should be, and how she should conduct herself. Expect a change that will draw many to Me, your Lord. I will go forward with this for there are many who are looking for answers out there, and I will be their answer. My heart is to bring as many into My Kingdom as possible. I want them to know Me as their Heavenly Father. That I am a safe and secure answer to their future. I will act on My word and bring in the things of My Kingdom.

I know that many are weary of hearing about the coming of My Kingdom. Some have given up, but I tell you, loved ones, it’s on its way. I will act upon those things that I have spoken over you, and upon My Word. I have not been lax in this, and it will arrive on time. I want My children to know that I am truly for them, and I have not forgotten them. My heart is bursting in anticipation for the joy you will have when you receive these things that I have for you. Prepare yourselves for great blessings for I intend to be very extravagant in this. You will have access to the things of My Kingdom that will give you the means to succeed in your Kingdom assignments. I have planned for you to move forward in the days ahead. I will go before you in this to guarantee your success in this Kingdom movement. Do not give up, loved ones. Your Kingdom destiny is about to be activated. Stay with Me, your Lord, and trust Me in this because you are very close to your Kingdom Activation.


Daddy God


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