In the coming days there will be much released to those whose hearts are ready for a Kingdom increase. I want My children to know that I am a God who can change things that look impossible. I can move like lightning, and with some I will do that. With others I will phase in the various things that I want them to receive over a period of time. I will bring these things as they are needed to those who are on various Kingdom assignments. I want you to know that what you need will arrive on time. There will be more than enough to complete your Heavenly assignments. There will be no lack in this. Do not be afraid to give it away for there is more than enough to go around. As My sons and daughters you can draw on these Kingdom accounts, and watch your accounts multiply. The idea is to freely give, and when you do this I will be more than generous, as your Heavenly Father, to give you more than enough. Do not hoard what I give you. Do not save it for a rainy day. My rules for prosperity are different than man’s. The ones who I will give to are the ones who are not afraid to give it away. They are the ones who really understand their Father’s heart toward them in that I am a loving God whose heart is for My children. I never overlook the generosity of My children. I reward those whose hearts are focused on Me and My Kingdom. You will give out of the abundance that I am sending to you as My children. I will give you wisdom and discernment in this. You will know when to give, and who to give it to. This system is an honor system. I will support those who I see as Kingdom worthy. Remember loved ones I see the hearts of men, and I know what they will do. They cannot fool Me. Those who are truly heart ready will be the ones who I will trust with Kingdom treasure. This treasure will come in different forms, but it will fit the need that is there at that time. Trust Me in this, loved ones, for you have a Father who knows your every need, and will provide for it.


Daddy God


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