This new year will be a defining time for My church. To those who are ready to move ahead into their Kingdom destinies I will release those things that will help them do this. It is your heart condition that will define what this will look like. Again, I say you must be sold-out to Me, and let Me, your Lord, lead you. This is for those who have decided to make Me Lord over everything in their lives, and are willing to give it all up to follow Me. The days of having one foot in the world, and one foot in My Kingdom are coming to an end. You are either all in for My Kingdom, or you’re not. It’s coming to a time where you will be all light or all darkness. You will live in one kingdom or the other. That choice is yours to make. I will lead those who are truly ready to receive a Kingdom Upgrade into their destinies. What I will give them will launch them into things that will be well beyond their expectations. You need to understand in the undertaking that I am leading you into your focus has to be on Me. The glorious things that I will impart to you will require true humility. It is important that you give Me the glory so you can stay on course. That is why I am looking at your heart to see if you are ready to receive what I have for you. I want you to know there is still time to come to Me, and give Me your all. I will help you in this, and receive you as a true son or daughter in Christ. My Father’s heart is to see all come into My Kingdom, but again it is a choice that I leave to you.

I want to bless My children to help them achieve the great destiny that I have designed for them. I am a good God who loves My children and My creation, but I can only promote those who are truly committed to following Me.


Papa God

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