For those of you who have waited, and contended for My Kingdom your wait is coming to an end. You have asked for the greater things of My Kingdom. I have heard your prayers and petitions. Very soon I will be moving answers to those who are heart ready. These are the ones who had decided it is worth the cost, and have set aside their own agendas, picked up their crosses, and are following Me. These are the ones who will see the manifestations of My Kingdom movement. These are the ones who I trust with the higher things of My Kingdom. In these I will release the various gifts, tools, and resources to bring My Kingdom to earth. In the days ahead you will see and experience those things that I have set aside for such a time as this. I am going to move in such a way that it will catch the attention of My people, and creation. What you are moving into is not more of the same. I am going to open and close doors. I will open doors that will move My church into her Kingdom destiny. I will close doors to those things that have caused damage and delay to My church.

Do not expect to operate “In the way it has always been done” mode. I am taking you way beyond that. What I am bringing is a Quantum Leap Year. This New Year, Rosh Hashanah, you will begin to see and experience the wonders of your Lord. You will know My Father’s heart, and how I see you. You will experience your Heavenly Father’s generosity and love. I will take you well beyond what you expect or have experienced in the past. You cannot define or know what is ahead with what you have experienced in the past. You are about to taste the good things of My Kingdom, and it will be a new taste of things to come. You will use these new things to bring My Kingdom to earth in a tangible way. It’s more than Spirit. It has practical aspects that will help, and bless My church and creation. Stand by, and get ready, My Beloved, for you are entering into your greatest days.


Daddy God


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