In the near future I will release many things to My children. This release that I am bringing will be far more than what you expect or are anticipating. This release will cover far more areas of your lives than what you expect. This release will encompass many things that are not even being comprehended by My people. This release will change the character and heart of My people. It will bring healing among you, and give you a Team spirit. Instead of competition among yourselves you will have a heart of unity. You will come together to help each other in the various Kingdom assignments that I have given each one of you. This new movement I am bringing is not a one-man show or a one-church show. I am establishing a unity among My people, and you will become one in Christ. You will find that working in unity will accomplish much for My Kingdom. In My Kingdom it is important that you honor each other, and the various assignments that I have given to you and others among you. All Kingdom assignments are important, and they are all to be treated as such. You are to work together for the greater good of My Kingdom.

Remember, to be great in My Kingdom you must have a servant’s heart. You must walk in love and true humility. Those whose hearts are where I want them to be I will honor. I will give them great authority and power to carry out their Kingdom assignments. In My Kingdom one helps another. It is done not to put one in obligation to another, but it is done in love with no strings attached. It is having a heart to see your brothers and sisters succeed in their various Kingdom assignments. It is putting them above yourself, and rejoicing when they accomplish their assignments. I will honor a servant’s heart. There is a great reward for those who are willing to lay down their lives for the sake of My Kingdom. As your Lord I value each and every one of you, and I see you all as equally important, and that My love for you never changes.


Daddy God


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